Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update on our folks

My parents called me again this morning to let me know (or rather my daughter know) that they found their other cat...she was hiding on top of the sauna my parents have in the basement. She is SO scared and will not come down yet, so they put some food and water up there for her. Poor baby.

The inspector will be coming today to check out mom/dad's house so they will find out whether they can fix it or if they will have to re-build (on the current foundation).

A clearer picture of the damage: the windows all blown in, so glass is everywhere, but the photos on the wall and all the things that my parents treasure are fine. Mom's scrapbooking stuff was all set up under the windown in her scrapping room, but is UNDAMAGED (not even blown all over, it is just where she left it!)....even being right below the window. All of her old photos are also untouched. The hole....is acutally a hole in the roof over the entryway....also part of the wall in the garage is gone, and the 3 vehicles all have some sort of damage, but are all drivable.

Cheri and Mike are on their way there (and one of my cousins and her husband are already there to help out. I wish I could go, but I can't....not with 3 children (ages 2, 6, and 9).

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Beckie said...

So scary Wendy! I'm so, so happy they found the kitty cat!

Sending prayers for an easy rebuild!