Saturday, September 24, 2011

*New Kit* - Autumn Breeze and freebie

I have 2 new kits in my Scrapping Fairytales' store and they are both 30% off until Oct 7.

The first is an older kit of mine but one that I have always liked. It is called Friendship and was made in honor of some of my digital scrapping friends. With the 30% off, it is only $2.10 for the next 2 weeks. The photo is linked, so just click on it to get to my store.

The second kit I have is a new one called Autumn Breeze. It is my first Scrapping Fairytales' exclusive kit. With the 30% off, it is only $2.10 and it matches the wonderful freebie minis created by some of our members at Scrapping Fairytales. The photo is linked so just click on it to get to my store.This is the mini I created for the Create A Fairytale Challenge. It is a freebie that matches my above kit and can get it HERE.

Here are more of the minis created by our members over at Scrapping Fairytales. If you are interested in getting they, come check out this thread at our site.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New kit: Cute As A Bug by Rumki Designs

My newest kit is now in both of my stores (Scrapping Fairytales and sKrap Happens).

Here is a LO made by Pam....

and one made by Brenda.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Store!!

Oh my...I can't believe I forgot to post this here!! I was sure I had already.... Opps!!

I have my grand opening sale over at Scrapping Fairytales for 2 weeks....and everything in my store there will be 40% off until Sept 23.

Currently I have 4 kits there and plan to release several more each Friday this month.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wed, Sept 7...rain, rain, go AWAY!

We have has lots of rain the last few days, so the river has been high....last night into this morning we got almost 3 inches again. I decided to walk down to the river (1/2 mile away) to see if it was flooding again. Sure is flooding, but not as high as with Irene yet. I pray that it stopped and there is no more flood damage to areas that are already devistated.

I could not get photos from on the bridge or looking north as they were working there yet.

Our little river in our back yard. The folks who built the house made the area between the 2 properties lower so that water would flow between them.

My flooded garden. The area that is the worst is where the cucumber used to be, but for some reason died before Irene. You can see part of the watermelon floating.

This is the area behind our property....I can see why we get a river between the properties. It seems that this point is the low point so it all flows there. This area was made into a cow pasture last year. Before that it was all wooded.

more damage & some re-contruction

This is the river now that it has gone done....leaving behind all those stones in what used to be a meadow.

The hole at the side of the bridge....there is nothing underneath parts of it either.....
Monday, Sept 5.....the hole is now fixed, but they still have work under the bridge to do.

Heavy equipment down in the river to help fix up the lower part of the bridge.

Our local park....the baseball field is totally destroyed.....
The playground is moved and will need to be fixed as well.