Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun papers....

Here is a paper pack that I made . The 4 middle papers were made using Mega-Doodle Inspired's Pattern Set 3. This pattern set is very easy to use. In the download are included not only the overlays, but also a layered psd file to make it even easier to use!

This paper is part of the Daily download (FREE) at DSG for the month of August. Check that site out everyday and by the end of the month, you will have a free full kit!

Here is the product that I used to make those 4 middle patterened papers:

Mega-Pattern Set 03

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Check out these cool ribbons that I made using Mega Doodle Inspired's Layered Scallop Ribbon Templates. They are so easy to use and I love how they look.

Here is a tag I made with the wavy ribbon

With the ribbons you can also make these cool frames.
This 'picnic' frame will be part of the daily petals for August at Digital Scrap Garden. The daily petals are parts of a kit that you download each day and by the end of the month you have a free scrapbooking kit. If you like these ribbons and want to make your own, you can get the templates at Mega Doodle Indsired's store.

You can get the ribbon templates HERE

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lil' fish and Charity kits

Making little fish is so much fun...especially when you find a template to help you make them! Here is a cute fish and a fish frame that I made using Mega-Doodle Indspired's CU Fish Template. This template was so easy to use as the file has both the layered template (which is what I use) as well as all the parts in separate files. I also used her awesome Transparent Puffy Sticker Action on the single fish.
Here is what Mega-Doodle Inspired's Fish template looks like:
You can get both of her items in her store...also they are both on SALE for $1 each!

If you like my little fish, they will be in my portion of the Bringing Anderson Home Charity Collab kit )which should be coming out at the end of July or beginning of Aug). This awesome charity kit will benefit my friend Kim as she and her family adopt little Anderson who is currently in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Anderson is about 18 months old and is in the same orphanage as our son Clarence (who is 2).

Here is the preview of my portion of the kit (the theme of the kit is tropics/travel/Haiti). The little family on the bottom represents MY family.

Bringing Anderson Home is actually the SECOND kit to benefit Anderson's family. The first kit, Hope For Anderson, is already for sale at Digital Scrap Garden for $10. This kit is HUGE with over 100 papers, over 250 elements and 9 templates. I will be adding 2 QP sets to the store soon.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Check out these cool puffy stickers...and a freebie

I recently go the CU Puffy Transparent Sticker action from Mega Doodle Indspired and I love it!! The action is very easy to used in PSE 7. To install it, I just followed the direction for installing an Atomic Cupcake action. To play the action, you just go to guided action, select play action and then select the action and hit play.
To check out the action, I first made a little 'I love Haiti' sticker my portions for Collab Charity kit "Bringing Anderson Home" (which will come out either at the end of July or at the beginning of Aug).
Isn't this sticker just the cutest??

If you like this great CU sticker action by Mega-Doodle Inspired as much as I do, then go get it at her store.
Currently this action is ON SALE for only $1
She has 3 different version of this. One for PSE (versions 5, 6,&7), one for PS and one for PS7.
I did the color challenge as DSG again this month (the color yellow), so here is a freebie for you (link is good till the end of July only). I made 2 puffy stickers using the Puffy Transparent Sticker action for this kit.
Just Ducky by Rumki DesignsLink

Lots of changes!

There have been lots of changes since I last posted here. Hard to believe that it has been over 6 MONTHS.

Anyway, since that time I have quit ALL of my CTs so that I could focus on scrapping books for my kids (the actual purpose of scrapping!). Anyway, in March I decided to try making a kit of my own for the Color Challenge as Digital Scrap Garden (my scrapping home) and after making that I was told that if I ever wanted to try to design I was welcome as a designer there.

After much thought on this, I decided to go ahead and jump in...and am LOVING it! Here are some of the kits I have done so far (you can get them in my store):
The first 2 I did, were done for my friend Nancy. She is making some scrapbook for some babies from China that are at a special home there. She requested some China style kits to do her scrapping with.
This kit came to be with I saw the cute little princess drawings that Melody was doing. The princess with the crown is a copy of the original one that she did.
This kit started out as my first freebie for the May Color Challange at DSG. I changed stuff and added other things to create this one.
Project 12 is going to be a set of 12 + kits to help you scrap books both for you and you kids. These are what I am using to make my kid's 2010 books. They include a double template as well as a QP to make your scrapping easier.

My newest kit....