Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GET IT ALL sale by Creations by Rachael

Rachael is holding a "Get It All" sale of her entire store for only $30. In addition, you also receive 1 kit a month for the next year. This is an AWESOME deal but it won't last long so stop by Pretty Scrappy to check it out! For those who don't know Rachael, she is a relatively new designer who is coming up with some terrific kits. Several of them have been highlighted earlier in this blog. Some of Rachael's kits include her Emmy Collection, Freshly Baked, Handyman, Winter Wonderland, and her newest kit XOXO...

here is a LO I made using XOXO ...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Challenge 6 and Cheri's Challenge 5

Challenge 6 is easy for me ... it's a "road block" meaning only one of us completes it and Wendy is the one making the LO. She has to scraplift one of the LO in a gallery of mine with a twist ... she is to flip it either horizontally or vertically and then rotate it 45 degrees. She also has to use the exact same number of elements that I did. Wendy already sent me a preview and it is looking great but she does have to edit one or two things. I'm sure she will post her LO as soon as it is done. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

As Wendy said, the LO for Challege 5 was to contain 3 frames but NO photos. I had to think for a while about this and finally came up with an incident that I recorded in my journal almost 2 years ago but had no photos of. This was certainly a fun challenge and encourages me to scrap about events for which photos aren't available.

March 31, 2007
While out dirtbiking, the chain on Mike’s
bike broke. We figured we could either
try to walk several miles back to our camper
or try to both fit on my small pit bike.
Amazingly, we both fit. I sat as far
forward as possible and Mike sat behind
me and steered, braked, etc. I held on
to the middle of the handle bars but had
to relax and leave the steering and
running of the bike to Mike. He told me
when he wanted me to shift gears but that
was all I could do.

Life is so much like this ride ... God is the
one in control -- steering, guiding,
determining speed and braking. When I try
to control things, I am frequently fighting
him. He may choose a different path around
an obstacle than I would. If I relax and follow
His leading the trip may be uncomfortable
at times but it will also be enjoyable and draw
me closer to Him.

Background paper – Behind the Reeds
3 Frames – Verena Karolyi’s Cardboard Frames 2, 3, 6
Tree – Doreen Stolz’ What A Feeling
Dirt Spatters – OMAAT Thankful Heart
Sign Post – Tinnette's Behind the Reeds
Cacti – CRD’s Aloe Plants
Sunbeem – CRD’s Sunny Days
Alpha – CRD’s Epoxy Alpha
Bluebird – Helen Ehrenhofer’s Mom’s Garden

Font: Zirkon

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wendy's Challenge 5

ADSR4 Challenge 5 (No photo LO)

Requirements: create a layout that has no photos on it, but includes at least 3 different and separate photo frames.

At first glance my LO look more like a fantasy LO, but it contains a real story and is made to look like a photo that was taken but is now missing (never to be seen again…lost in digiland) of my two daughters in front of Cinderella’s Castle located in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The cats represent my older daughter’s favorite kitty (we have 2 Himalayans cats) and my younger daughter’s favorite stuffed cat (it actually looks just like the kitty doodle!).
3 Papers from Happy Solids by Mary Fran (blue paper is re-colored); 4 frames, 2 princess (one re-colored to yellow), castle, dragon, ribbon, flower with stem, tags and word-art from Happily Ever After, a collab kit by Kay Miller and Mary Fran (of Nitwits); two flowers without stems from Happily Ever Flowers by Mary Fran; 2 kitties from Kitty Doodles by Weeds and Wildflowers

Antique Type and BlackadderITC
February 2007 Disaster strikes when I accidentally pull on the cord of my computer tower while pulling out crates from behind my desk. My tower topples over and since it was on, the hard drive crashes and is a total loss. My computer was really old and the CD writer no longer worked so I had not been able to back up my photos for about 18 months. All it took was one second and they were gone, including the photos from our first visit to Disney World and photos of the girls in front of Cinderella’s castle.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our other ADSR4 LOs

Challenge 2

this was a combined challenge. The topic was Cabin Fever and the
Requirements were 3 photos, 4 papers, 8 different elements (at least 1 must be acrylic), 2 different fonts, title, and journaling

This is what we came up with.


3 Photos (one blended) & Journaling (Cheri)
4 papers (dark blue, light blue, maroon, striped) - First Flight by Beckie Wallace (Wendy)
8 elements:
1- acrylic circles - La Bella Natura by ScrapShana (Cheri)
2- 2 frames - Frame Your Pictures by Verena Kerolyi (Wendy)
3- chain link fence - Mom's Garden by Helen Ehrenhofer (Cheri)
4- fence post - Mom's Garden by Helen Ehrenhofer (Wendy)
5- 4 flowers - Mom's Garden by Helen Ehrenhofer (Cheri)
6- blue bird - Mom's Garden by Helen Ehrenhofer (Cheri)
7- clothes pin - Summer Vacation by Creations By Rachael (Cheri)
8- vine - Mom's Garden by Helen Ehrenhofer (Cheri)
Fonts: title-Bleeding Cowboy; journaling-Antique type (Wendy)
LO style: (Cheri & Wendy)

Challenge 3
This challenge was to redo the first LO you had in some gallery. I picked the LO I had first in my Digital Candy Gallery

paper, frame, bamboo, umbrella & tile from Tian Li by As You Wish Designs
outside border (re-colored to match my daughter’s dress) from Tapestry Blues by JenLin Designs
butterflies and flowers from Mom's Garden by Helen Ehrenhofer
Font: BettysHand
Here is the one that I re did.

Credits: Burst of Spring by Beckie Wallace

Challenge 4
The Art and Soul Challenge. LO must include at least 3 things "artsy" and/or "altered". Must also contain journaling about something positive, heartfelt, meaningful to you in your life. My artsy items: (1) wings, (2) glitter splatters and (3) doodle flowers and (4) watercolor rainbow

She’s an angel sent from Heaven above. Although she was born a world away, through God’s intervention she is my precious daughter. She will always be the daughter of my heart. It amazes me how much she is like me and yet has none of my genes.

Background – Kitty Doodles by Weeds & Wildflowers
Wings - Fairywings by Beckie Wallace
Glitter splatters – Thankful Heart by One Memory At A Time
Clouds - Kitty Doodles by Weeds & Wildflowers
Rainbow - Kitty Doodles by Weeds & Wildflowers
Flower doodles – Tweets by Weeds & Wildflowers

Thursday, January 15, 2009

YEAH ... we made it through Week 2 of the ADSR!

I'm so glad to see that Wendy is occasionally posting here. I think I'm the world's worst blogger since I haven't posted in 4-6 months ... I've been way too busy with work and life in general. This is something I hope to change. I'm undergoing significant changes at work and am waiting to see what the future holds. Anyway ... as Wendy said, we've signed up to participate in the ADSR and are having a blast! Our pupose in signing up was to stretch our scrapping abilities and that is definitely happening. We've made it through week 2 ... the last challenge was the "art and soul" challenge in which we had to use at least 3 artsy items (altered art, paint, brushes, glitter spatters, etc) and journal about something meaningful to us. This definitely challenged both of us but we had a great time doing it. Here is my LO for challenge #4 -- An Amazing Promise.

For full credits please click here

I also wanted to mention that Creations by Rachael has a great winter kit available at Pretty Scrappy for only $3.00 ... that's 40% off the usual price for the next couple of days.

And here is a LO I made using "Winter Wonderland" ... this was actually my LO for challenge #1 of the ADSR.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Cheri and I are partners in the ADSR 4 race!! We are team #214 (Sweet Scrapping Sisters). Here is Wendy's LO for Challenge 1.

For this LO I used Christy Skagg's Spring Dreams