Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wed, Sept 7...rain, rain, go AWAY!

We have has lots of rain the last few days, so the river has been high....last night into this morning we got almost 3 inches again. I decided to walk down to the river (1/2 mile away) to see if it was flooding again. Sure is flooding, but not as high as with Irene yet. I pray that it stopped and there is no more flood damage to areas that are already devistated.

I could not get photos from on the bridge or looking north as they were working there yet.

Our little river in our back yard. The folks who built the house made the area between the 2 properties lower so that water would flow between them.

My flooded garden. The area that is the worst is where the cucumber used to be, but for some reason died before Irene. You can see part of the watermelon floating.

This is the area behind our property....I can see why we get a river between the properties. It seems that this point is the low point so it all flows there. This area was made into a cow pasture last year. Before that it was all wooded.

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